• Scintillon Institute

    The Scintillon Institute contacted me because they wanted a compelling, image-driven site to compliment their innovative and forward-thinking biomedical and bioenergy research facility. A full-screen image slideshow comprises the homepage, introducing the user to the various research areas of the institute. Every page then features a different full-screen, dynamic image as the backdrop, and elements […]

  • Fed Up New Yorkers

    The new, monthly, lefty political newspaper, Fed Up New Yorkers, wanted a site where users could not only read their original content and the best of left-leaning news on the internet, but also to become involved in their mission to actually affect the political sphere. The site was designed with a focus of not only […]

  • Daylight Mill Creek

    When the Keepers of Mill Creek needed to gain support for their efforts to reconnect Mill Creek to the Saskatchewan River in Edmonton, Canada, they needed a site and brand identity that reflected their cause and engaged and encouraged users to get involved. I combined an earthy color scheme, old-world style fonts, and stunning images […]

  • Cambridgeport Construction

    Cambridgeport needed an updated, elegant look to showcase their growing business. The clean, line-driven design of the site, and the blueprint-style background subtly underscore the nature of their business and the exceptional quality of their work. As the user scrolls through images on the individual project pages, the project description stays in place, providing both […]

  • koo’toor

    I worked with koo’toor to create an entire look for this brand new start-up company. Not only did this include a logo and website, but also matching business cards, signage, and product tags. Additionally, I integrated MailChimp into their workflow and designed several newsletters for their debut event.

  • The Fall Documentary

    For her latest film, documentary filmmaker Rachel Shuman needed a site that reflected the lyrical narrative and stunning imagery of her film. For this I chose a customized WordPress template with vertical scrolling and parallax effects. Brilliant film stills are uncovered as the user scrolls through the site with clear navigation lighting the way.

  • RBL Architects

    When the Boston-based luxury architectural firm wanted to redesign their site, I knew immediately that their truly stunning designs needed to be at the forefront. In addition to a full-screen slideshow on the homepage, the portfolio section has large, pop-up slideshows allowing the user to focus solely on the images. The completely custom template also […]

  • My Own Man

    Documentary filmmaker David Sampliner needed an update to his film site to incorporate new branding from Netflix. The site has both Vimeo and MailChimp integration and the tablet and mobile sites feature varying backgrounds deepening on the device’s orientation.

  • Beacon Film Society

    For the update of the Beacon Film Society site, I created a logo that plays off of an old-time movie ticket, but combined it with a modern with sans-serif font, which was used throughout the site. Users can watch the trailer and purchase tickets for the next event, and scan past events. The design is […]

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As a visual artist, I have an innate sense of color and composition, and I’m obsessed with great design. As a programmer, functionality and user experience are my top priorities. At Alison Shuman Media, form and function are equal. You will receive a website that is not only clean and sophisticated, but also intuitive and innovative. Keeping current with the latest Web standards, I bring the best of what the Web has to offer without overshadowing the most important aspect of the website– your business!

In today’s competitive market, a great website is just the beginning. Alison Shuman Media offers everything your brand needs from logo design, social media integration, and email campaigns to business cards, stickers, and stationary.

I am also a Certified NationBuilder Architect & Expert.

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